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Student Health Insurance

Never make the mistake of relying solely on your school’s student healthcare clinic. It cannot give you all the care you need when more serious diseases affect you. What you need is student health insurance. It may seem expensive, but it is more than worth in the long run. With some patience and a lot of resourcefulness, you can find the student health insurance that covers you adequately.

Rates. Premium rates of health insurance packages vary widely depending on the insurance provider. Do not hesitate to shop around first, and pay particular attention to the deductibles. The cost of insurance coverage can greatly change with different deductibles.

Limitations. You should also ask what you are NOT covered for. Some plans do not give you anything if you suffer sports injuries, for example. Some are also limited to undergraduates – you cannot carry your plan when you go on to graduate school.

Other policies. Compare the policies of insurance companies regarding choosing the services of a physician and health care Check about any restrictions on which physicians or hospitals you can use. If so, make sure the authorized physicians and hospitals near your school. Read about the company’s privacy policy, too. All providers and insurers are bound by law to follow HIPAA policies regarding the privacy of the insured party, but some companies violate this. Check on the reputation of the company.

Customer support. Make sure that the company also has good customer support, Check to see if they at least have toll-free lines for inquiries. Call the number and see if customer support specialists are really available to help.


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