Powerful Strategy to Remove Obstacles to Your Goals

If what you have been vividly visualizing and affirming isn’t showing up, find out where your inner conflict lies.

Powerfully co-creating your life requires a little detective work: Look for any internal resistance because in truth you have the power to shift it.

As within, so without.

Rather than wasting your energy blaming www cbd boss us, try to think of it as getting the kinks out of the hose! All the good stuff is already all around you. Open to receive it. Don’t let anything stand in your way.

Ask yourself: Is there any reason at all I wouldn’t want to have this in my life right now? Try dialogging this. Write it down. Have a conversation with yourself. The few minutes this takes can be very empowering.

For years I wanted to have my own kids cooking show. Having manifested just about everything else I couldn’t understand why a dream of such significance had eluded me. Only by doing this exercise did I realize that at this point in time I wasn’t willing to give up the freedom in my life that allowed me to go on field trips with my son, and cook at with the kids at his alternative school and be there when he got home at 3:15.

As you clear out your channels for receiving by systematically eliminating any inner resistance, the things you want in your life will start showing up in record time! The key to success is getting rid of subconscious negativity, whether in the form of doubt, fear, or unworthiness.

Not only did this exercise provide clarity around my intentions I was no longer wasting my precious creative energy doubting my ability to manifest my dreams; that invaluable inner resource could now be used to continue creating those goals that were in alignment with who I am now.

As you cultivate faith in this process of freeing up your energy, doubt will no longer dissipate your energy; you’ll be able to manifest more results, and each time you do it, it will become easier to do.